Adjustable Levers, Adjustable Handles, Adjustable Handles & Hand Levers

We are one of the leading Adjustable Levers, Adjustable Handles, Adjustable Fix Handles & Hand Levers suppliers in India. This group of handles are available in 2 varieties: adjustable and fixed position. Our adjustable handles are made of glass-filled nylon with a nylon torque mechanism. This adjustable handle is ideal for low torque applications, and have a variety of projecting stud lengths. The fixed position handles are great for multi-position clamping jobs and limited space applications. They have good leverage for tightening, and are used on multiple types of equipment, doors, tools, etc.

Adjustable levers are clamping components which have a ratcheting feature that is especially useful in tight spaces. Their design allows for easier visual adjustment to specific positions, and their ergonomic shape makes them user-friendly. They are ideal for situations where more torque is required than can be achieved with a simple knob or a handle.

Adjustable levers are also referred to as:
Adjustable lever clamps, Adjustable handles, hand levers, fix Handles, adjustable tension levers, ratchet handles, ratcheting handles, ratcheting levers, spring loaded adjustable levers and spring loade

The Stud/Insert are engaged via serrations with the Handle. Lift the Handle upwards to disengage the serrations and adjust the Handle position. On releasing the Handle, return spring automatically engages the serrations once again. Standard Colour for Handles is Black.
Studs / Inserts : M.S. Toughened Green Plated. Stainless Steel Studs & Inserts are available on minimum order  of 250 nos.
Standard Colour for Cap is Black. Blue, Orange & Green caps are also available.