Leveling elements are used to provide a level, stable base for machinery or equipment, one that limits tipping, vibration, wear and noise. We offer an excellent selection of leveling feet to accommodate every application. Our steel and stainless steel leveling mounts are available in tapped and stud types, with or without pads. Versions with articulated bases, lag bolt lugs, special sanitary features, and simple, economical design are included. We have designs appropriate for all sizes and weight requirements.

Leveling elements are also referred to as:
Leveling foot castor, leveling feet, leveling mounts, leveler bolts, antivibration pads, antivibration mounts, Level-It mounts, Level-It pads, machinery mounts, levelers, leveling devices, Glide-Rite mounts, Glide-Rite pads, machine feet, articulating feet, machinery foot, leveling foot, and swivel mounts

  • Anti-Vibration Leveling Base
  • Leveling Base
  • Leveling Base with Stud
  • Leveling Base with Insert
  • Leveling Foot Castor
  • Door Stopper
  • Index Plunger