Hand Wheels are commonly used to adjust an assortment of functions of a machine, is commonly round and the wheel itself is turned. We offer Hand Wheels that have handles, making the task of adjustment so much easier. You can also choose from an assortment of Hand Wheels including Dished Hand wheels, Straight Hand Wheels and Four-Arm Control Hand Wheels.

Handwheels are ideal for any application where general or precise adjustments need to be made via a turning mechanism. We offer an excellent selection of handwheel types, including solid disk, and those with two, three or more spokes. They are available without handles, or with revolving or retractable handles. Materials offered include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, and a variety of plastics.

We have:

  • Folding Revolving Handle
  • Fixed Handle
  • Revolving Handle
  • Handwheel
  • Cranck Handle
  • Revolving Handwheels
  • Revolving Handwheels with Foldable Handle
  • Spoked Handwheels
  • Machine Hand Wheels

Mechanical Analog Shaft Position Indicators

Handwheels or Revolving Handles also referred to as:
hand wheels, solid disk handwheels, spoked handwheels, 2 spoked hand wheels, 3 spoked hand wheels, valve hand wheels, machine hand wheels, clutch hand wheels, clutch mechanisms, clutch wheels, turning wheels, Spoked handwheels with revolving handle, Spoked handwheels with fold-away handle, Solid Handwheels, Solid Handwheel with revolving handles.

Also known as:

  • Aluminium Handwheels
  • Brass Hand Wheels
  • Handwheels For Valves
  • Handwheel Handles
  • Industrial Handwheels
  • Lathe Hand Wheels
  • Spoked Handwheel
  • Revolving Handle