Generator Canopy Locks Manufacturer

We are one of the leading Generator Canopy Door Lock & Hinge suppliers in India.

Polyamide & Metal Flush, Slam, Back mountings & Compression Locks

  • Flushed ‘T’ Handle Lock
  • T Handle Compression Lock
  • Slam Lock
  • Slam Lock Front Mounting
  • Slam Pad Lock
  • Two Point Lock
  • Three Point Canopy Slam Lock
  • Slam Lock Back Mounting
  • Canopy Latch Lock

Canopy Hinge

Canopy Locks Suppliers

  • Slam Lock (S.S) with Pad Lock

  • Slam Lock (M.S / S.S)

  • Slam Lock With T Handle

  • Catchers

  • T Lock

  • Compression Lock

Apart from standard metal canopy locks we also have plastic canopy locks (Polyamide) & Canopy Lock- Small