HMI  Support Arm Systems

This versatile support system provides for quick and easy installation of an assortment of components for ready access and optimum performance. Connection components attach via self-tapping screws. Cable management options include closed duct with large cross-section or open duct for easy access and the use of pre-assembled cables with connectors. System sections can be cut to necessary lengths with no thread-tapping required. Mounting plates are available for wall mounts and pillars.

  • Flange Mount Revolve Elbow
  • Revolve Mount
  • Elbow
  • Revolving Unit
  • Flange Mount Revolve
  • Fixed Mount
  • Wall Mount Revolve Elbow
  • Wall Mount Revolve
  • Tilt & Revolving Unit
  • Pivot Assembly
  • Flange Mount Revolving Unit
  • Flange Mount Revolving Elbow Unit
  • Revolving Elbow Unit
  • Wall Mount Revolving Unit
  • Wall Mount Revolving Elbow Unit
  • Wall Mount Revolving Unit
  • Elbow Revolving Unit
  • Pivot Mount

HMI Support Arm System are useful for coordination between monitoring & operating of HMI & LCD screen, touch panels or pendant arms for operator interfaces. Our support arm systems offers various configurations like, floor mounting, ceiling mounting, wall mounting etc.

These arm systems offer Rotation angle upto 290°

MOC: Aluminium

Standard Pipe Ø  mm (Options available for Aluminum Extrusion as well, Standard Extrusion Length is 1000 mm, 1500 mm. Available in Raw Finsh)


  • Ideal for mounting HMI
  • Easy adjustment of arm system without disassembly
  • Support arm system with integrated perfectly adjustable rotation
  • Consistent combination of design options
  • Fast and uniform system of assembly