Electrical Control Panel Locks and Hinges

We are one of the leading electrical panel locks  suppliers in India. These control panel locks comprises Cabinet Locks, Flush Locks, Compression Locks, Slam Locks, Pad Locks etc.

We offer Electrical Panel Locks and Hinges suitable to be used in Rittal Panels, Siemens Panel & ABB Panel Boards.

Hinge for Control Panel Doors

We have a complete range of electrical panel  & cabinet locks & latches

Electrical Panel Locks & Door handles with locks

These locks and latches can be used for Electrical Control Panels, Generator Canopy’s, Tool Box etc

Different types of Door Locks / Electrical Panel Locks

Adjustable Grip Locks for Control Panel Filter Quarter Turn Locks- Metal Wing Knobs, L&T Handles

Handle Turn Cam Latches – Locking Wing Knob

Airtight Handle Flat Latch Rotary “L” Handle
Cabinet locks with key

Electrical Panel Lock Key

Flush Latch Safety locks for doors
Cam locks for cabinets Door Latch Slam Locks
Machine Door Catcher Magnetic Catch Sliding Glass Door Lock
Compression Locks Numerical Locks Snap Latch
Corner Pad Locks Spring Loaded Locks
Die Cast Handle Key Push button door lock Swing handle lock
Door catches and latches Quarter Turn Locks- Grip 15.5mm

Qarter turn Latches – Padlockable Wing Knob

Telescopic Stay
Drawing Pockets, Filters, Corners, Stays Quarter Turn Locks- Grip 60 mm Wing Knob / Star Knob
Fascia Cover

Canopy Locks

  • Electrical Panel Coin Lock

  • Electrical Panel Lock Screw-Driver

  • Electrical Panel Lock Pin Insert

  • Electrical Panel Lock Square Insert

  • Electrical Panel Lock Triangle Insert

  • Industrial Door Lock

  • Electrical Panel Lock With Knob

  • Sliding Door Lock