We offer complete range of caster wheels for trolleys, machines, tables & work benches. Our range includes heavy duty caster wheels, caster wheels with brakes, stainless steel casters. Foe heavy application we have heavy duty caster wheels with ball bearings. Pharmaceutical & Food Processing industries generally use Stainless Steel Casters, available in SS304 stainless steel & SS316 stainless steel.

Types of Caster Wheels

  • Industrial Casters
  • Heavy Duty Casters
  • Light Duty Casters
  • Brake Casters or caster wheel with brake
  • Caster wheel with lock
  • Revolving Caster or Swivel Caster Wheels
  • Fixed Caster
  • Pneumatic Casters or Inflatable Casters
  • Threaded Casters or Threaded Stem Casters

Caster Wheels

We offer casters and wheels in following materials:

  • PU Wheels or PU Caster Wheel
  • Polymer Wheels
  • UHMW Wheels
  • Polypropylene Wheel
  • Brass Casters
  • Rubber Caster Wheel
  • Nylon Caster
  • Plastic Casters
  • Stainless Steel Casters
  • HDPE Wheel
  • Cast Iron Wheels or Forged Steel Wheels
  • Hard Rubber Caster

Caster Wheels

We offer casters and wheels in folowing wheel dia 1 inch(25mm), 1.25 inch(32mm), 1.5 inch(38mm), 1.6 inch(40mm), 1.75 inch(44mm), 2 inch(50mm), 2.25 inch(57mm), 2.4 inch(60mm), 2.5 inch(63mm), 3 inch(75mm), 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 7 inch & 8 inch.

  • For heavy duty applications like warehouses or godowns Nylon, Rubber, Fibre & PU casters are suitable.
  • For uneven outdoor & rough surface Pneumatic Casters or Inflatable Casters are suggested.
  • For Pharmaceutical, hospital & Food Processing Industry PU Stainless steel casters are used.
  • Cast Iron caster cause heavy floor wear & tear, they are used on Wooden or smooth concrete surface.
  • High Tensile rubber wheels are advised for Indoor or outdoor applications.

Nylon Caster Wheel are the most commonly used wheels in any Industry. They are cheaper & light in weight. Caster wheels with brakes are used for shop floor & assembly line trolleys. Industrial caster wheels seem to be a simple product, but must be selected properly to minimize human effort, floor wear & other factors like noise etc.

Apart from above mentioned Caster Wheel we also stock CI Trolley Wheel, Fibre Trolley Wheel, Heavy Duty Trolley Wheel, HMHD Trolley Wheel, Nylon Trolley Wheel, Rubber Trolley Wheel andUHMW Trolley Wheel.