Exposed Cabinet Hinges are the kind of cabinet hinge you see (or partially see) when the cabinet door is closed. This type of hinges are not concealed or hidden. One wing is attached to the door and the other is attached to the cabinet’s face frame (for framed cabinets) or the cabinet wall (for frame less cabinets). These hinges are practiced on doors that allow it to open and close. These decorative and functional hinges are designed to fit any home improvement needs and can be availed in variety of colors and sizes.

Polyamide Exposed Hinges
Zinc Die Cast Exposed Hinges
Mild Steel Exposed Hinges
Stainless Steel Exposed Hinges

Apart from Exposed Cabinet Hinges we have:

  • Cabinet Door Hinges  – For Machine Doors, Electrical Control Panel Door
  • Butt Hinge or Flat Hinge Also available in Stainless Steel
  • Hidden Cabinet Hinges Or Concealed Cabinet Hinges
  • Overlay Hinges
  • Full Overlay Hinge
  • Flush Mount Hinges