Frequently Asked Questions

What is CNC Retrofitting ?

Its a low cost alternative to expensive lathes, user friendly, easy to assemble & troubleshoot.

What are the benefits of Up-gradation ?

  • Avoid Foundation costs & additional tooling costs.
  • Existing spares can be used.
  • Familiarity of mechanical portion of machine by maintenance people.
  • Can be financed from maintenance budgets thus avoids capital process.

Will my accuracy Increase ?

Increased accuracy & better part finish due to new digital servo drives. Accuracy depends basically on condition of existing machine.

Do the user need know G-Code Programming ?

No, Software is menu driven & has many routine operation templates. G Code programing is parametric. All screens and images are self explanatory and no experience in G Code programing is required to do routine jobs.

Do I need a trained technician / operator ?

No. an unskilled labour can also operate this system.

How much will Job Cycle Time reduce ?

Nearly double the amount of jobs can be done by the “CNC Lathe”, considering time, efficiency, rejection, accuracy etc. over an extended period.

Is there any modification required in the existing Lathe ?

No modifications are required.

How much time it takes to upgrade ?

Just 1 Day at your place.

Is this system guaranteed ?

We provide a 1 Year replacement guarantee on all components.

How many installations of this system are done so far ?

More than 200 Successful installations across India.

Who should opt for CNC Retrofitting ?

Small Workshops doing routine lathe jobs, units engaged in job work, tool rooms making precision turned parts, units engaged in rapid prototyping etc.

Can I see the demonstration of the system ?

You are welcome to our tool room for a live demonstration. Do write to us on for a demo.