Flexible Dial Holding System

The flexible dial gauge stands which are used in any engineering industry. The stand consists of two ball joints at two ends and one swivel joint in the center. One knob is used for operation of all three joints. This flexibility is the beauty of the design. The construction of the stand is very rigid. It works with the wear compensation of the cam rods.

  • Single knob operating three joints
  • Highly flexible and accurate
  • Fine adjustment assembly for precise operation
  • Various options for :
  • Base Unit
  • Arm Lengths and Color options
  • Fine adjustment assembly

Innovative applications

Fully customizable for special requirements

Durable and maintenance free

Completely IndigenousOptions Available

1. Plastic

2. Metallic with Dovetail

3. Metallic without Dovetail

Stand Arm Length

1. Standard [120mm each]

2. Extra Long [450mm each]

3. Short [55mm each]

4. Unequal arms [customized]