Polyamide with Metal Studs & Inserts

Control Knobs or Bakelite Knob
Control Knobs are most commonly used to adjust or control electronic devices. Control knobs also come with pointers to indicate knob position and device setting.

Wing & T-Handles Knobs
Wing and T-Handle Knobs are known for their gripping quality, making the task at hand so much easier. These knobs have little ‘wings’ The two ‘wings’ of the knobs allow the user to use his finger and thumb, making the job easier. These knobs are made of Nylon Thermoplastic, Phenolic, Stainless Steel, Extruded Aluminum and Glass Fiber-Reinforced Plastic to name a few.

  • Knob Handle with Stud
  • Knob Handle with Insert
  • Shell Knob
  • Knob Handle with Circlip
  • Pull Knob with Insert
  • Latch Knob
  • Knurled Knob

Knobs are also referred as:
Lobe Knobs, Star Knobs, Wing Nuts, Wing Knobs, Knurled Knobs, Control Knobs, Door Knobs, Machine Knobs, Industrial knobs,

Standard Knob colour is Black. Standard Cap colour is Black. Blue, Red, Yellow, White caps are available on a minimum order qty.
Stainless Steel Studs & Inserts are available on a minimum order.