Automatic School Bell System

We offer Automatic School Bell Timer which can be used with any Industrial Gong bell, Motor Siren or a Hooter. It provides mechanism to automate bell timings as per predefined or scheduled program. It eliminates chance of any delay & saves us from manual effort.

The Bell Ringing time can be edited at any Time, so that it can be used at Normal Class Timings as well as Exam Times. The Real Time Clock is displayed on LCD display.

automatic school bell

Automatic School Bell Timer

Features of Automatic School Bell Timer

  • 25 different types of settings can be done
  • Operating Voltage 12V Dc
  • Can be used with your existing Bell or Siren (230V AC)
  • 4 Push Buttons for Time Settings with LCD Display & LED Indicators
  • Simple operation & settings, no computers required to program or maintain ringing schedule.
  • No battery required to maintain clock and stored program.
  • Weekly off: any day of the week can be selected as weekly off to cover all seasons of the year and special events of organization.
  • Monthly off: any date of month can be selected as monthly off.
  • Half day: Any day of week or any date of month can be selected as half day.
  • Second Saturday: User selectable second Saturday option.
  • Each bell can have different ringing duration.

Automatic school bell timer circuit is useful for:

  • Schools Bells, Periods, Lunch Break, Exam Time
  • Colleges – Automatic College Bell
  • Institutions
  • Factory Siren – End of Shift, Lunch or Recess, Tea Break

Automatic Factory Siren Timer Controller Panel  / Factory Break Bell System

Automatic Factory Siren Timer Controller Panel

We also have automatic timer switch for lights, like sign boards, hoardings etc.