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With Buzzer With flasher

tower light with buzzer

Signal Tower Light – Led Based Stage Indication Lamp

LED Tower Lamps or stack light are also known as indicator lights, Stage Indication Lamps, warning lights, industrial signal lights, tower lights and light towers. These are used for Indicating process stage or status. Tower lamp with buzzer connection is very simple, each color has its own wire, sperate wire for Buzzer & Flashers.

Tower Light – Steady + Flashing + Revolving + Buzzer

3 Tier Lamp With Buzzer

2 Tier Lamp With Buzzer

Single Tier Lamp With Buzzer


  • Production monitoring
  • Warning indication and machine fault management
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Visual Feedback
  • Assembly station workcells
  • Maintenance call stations
  • CNC machines
tower lamp wiring diagram

Tower Lamp Wiring Diagram

LED Stack Light / Signal Light Tower Technical Data:

Model Voltage Power
PC 1D-1101 DC 12 V 24 V AC 110 V 220 V 10 W
PC 1D-1105 DC 12 V 24 V
AC 110 V 220 V
10 W
1D-1081 DC 12 V 24 V
AC 110 V 220 V
5 W
Model Function Voltage Power
PC 1D205-1/2/3/4/5 T, WTJ, WJ DC12 V DC24 V AC110V AC220 V 5 W
PC ID207-1/2/3/4/5 T, WTJ, WJ DC12 V DC24 V
AC110 V AC220 V
5 W

Colors Available: Red, Amber, Green

Signal Tower Light indications.

  • RED: It indicates failure conditions or fault such as an emergency stop or machine fault
  • YELLOW: Warnings condition such as over-temperature or over-pressure conditions
  • GREEN: Normal machine or process operation
  • Optionally an audible alarm buzzer, to alert machine operators to high priority conditions.

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