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Due to R&D activities we are currently not taking orders for CNC Retrofitting.

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CNC Lathe Retrofit

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We have been retrofitting CNC machines from quite a long time. Upgraded more than 200 lathes till date.

What is CNC Retrofitting ???

Its a low cost alternative to expensive lathes, user friendly, easy to assemble & troubleshoot.

How do we do it ???

We remove both the lead screws of existing machine, Bolt-on our CNC lathe kit & align it. Load & Configure the software.

To mention just a few of the benefits and advantages of upgrading your existing machine with a kit from Us:

  • Increased productivity.Improved control of machine.
  • Far superior repeatability.
  • Reduced machine downtime.
  • Fast machining cycles.
  • High accuracy, high feed-rate, particularly during contour milling.Control and Reliability associated with the latest equipment.
  • Increased accuracy and part finished due to new Digital Servo drives.
  • More readily available and replacement parts, usually at lower price.
  • User friendly programming and simulation software enables 3D graphic representation of job with automatic generation of G-Code.
  • Plus hundreds other advantages and benefits.

CNC Retrofitting - Upgrade your Conventional Lathe to a CNC Lathe, Increase Efficiency & Reduce Cycle Time
Benefits Upgrade Vs Purchase of New CNC Machine

  • Avoid foundation costs.
  • Eliminate additional tooling cost
  • Familiarity of mechanical portion of machine by maintenance purpose
  • The Up-gradation Package is less expensive and more readily justifiable
  • Can sometimes be financed from maintenance budgets thus avoiding capital process.

FAQ – CNC Retrofitting